Hyper and supermarkets

The real challenge for an external service provider is the inventory of the hyper and supermarkets, due to the houndred thousands of products that have to be counted and registered in a short time. It requires lots of resources and time, increasing the expenditures of the company. In most cases the stores are in lack of resources to complete the mandatory inventories. In the case of an outsourced inventory there is no need to maintain inventory management and leverage resources from the costumer service section, helping to avoid any loss of the income. Based on the signficiant amount of resources we have, we can quickly perform an entire store inventory.

DIY stores

We are most experienced in this sector, we work closely with several partners for many years. This is a special area due to the demand depending products which need to be measured and registered with their area, length and mass, therefore we focus on the registration of these products in a special way.

Textile and sport equipments

We are proud of having more and more assignments in this area that we can thank for our special registering method. Taking into account that these products are quite diverse (the suite, the colour, and the size count a lot in most of the cases) we provide a special registering solution for our partners. We register every product with a so-called one step single method to avoid any difference compared to the concrete stock which can be caused by the variety of products. This method is very welcomed amongst our partners, being confirmed with a 100% customer satisfaction.

Perfumes and drogstores

This area requires a special attention, due to the variety of products. The accurate and prudent stocktaking is very important, considering that lots of products can be very expensive and can be easily mixed with each other as they look almost the same. For these reasons we apply a mixed method in order to ensure reliable and accurate results.

Household equipments

This segment has also an extremely wide variety of products, from a simple plastic glass to a household appliance lots of products can be covered. Based on this the amount of certain assortments can differ from each other. The variety of id in the case of electronic devices is another difficulty that requires a prudent registration process to provide the appropriate codes. To ensure efficiency it is crucial to properly define the quality and quantity of resources. Our company has a great experience in this, therefore we can provide a cost effective inventory service with a smaller crew.

Fresh and frozen goods

Considering the different types of quantities in this segment the inventory record requires a special approach. Beside this, the storage mode is also a determining factor, as we have to complete the registration of the frozen goods as quickly as possible to guarantee their original quality. During the inventory we create workgroups that though is a bit time consuming, compared to the damages could be caused by disregarding the special stor circumstances is negligible.

Acquisition inventory

During the acquisition it is very important for the costumers to be aware of what kind of assortments they will purchase and receive. As a costumer or investor it is a must to have detailed information on the quantities of each goods in order to define the overall value of the assortments. We provide you our services with our permanent and experienced team.


Handover inventory

We have to pay a special attention to the inventories in which the assortments are part of a handover process as there are several companies that use assortments to pay off their debts. If it’s required we provide the data after the audit review, ensuring accurate results for both sides.