About us

The DWS Inventory Ltd. is a subsidiary company of the Discount Warehouse Systems Hungary Ltd. which focuses only on inventory services, using the assets and know how of the parent company. Our aim is to further improve the quality and technical level for our partners through specialization.

We develop and optimize our processes year by year. With the help of our advanced IT background and own developed countIT system we are able to monitor every element and process of an inventory in real time. Having such IT background provides us the possibility to customize the processes of our partners as well.

Based on our experiences in the last decade (food, DIYs, sport equipments, perfume and drugstores, household equipments, etc.) we can successfully manage accurate inventory processes in many fields of our economy. We provide our services without any disruption to the work of our partners, allowing them to focus on their customers as usual.

We offer efficient, well detailed and objective services, regardless the interests of the companies’ executives.